How it Works

Starshouts are personal video greeting cards created Sushi and the fabulous Drag Queens of 801 Bourbon St in Key West, Florida... It's our patent-pending 5 step process:

  • Approval: Each starshout request is approved before being sent to the celebrity.
  • Queued: The starshout request is then queued to the celebrity's starshout device.
  • Recording: The celebrity records your personal greeting - they can see the picture you submitted.
  • Review: Our staff then reviews the greeting to ensure that the quality is excellent.
  • Delivery: We then email a link to your video to you.

How long does it take?

Most Starshouts are done within a week... if you order one while visiting 801 Bourbon St, they may be done almost immediately... and you might even be able to star in the Starshout with your queen!

If you need it by a particular date - mention it in your order and we'll do what we can to help...

However, because it's a personal process, there may be delays if a girl gets sick or has an emergency. If this is the case, we'll notify you.

I'm a Celebrity - can I do Starshouts?

Sure! The Starshout system is a patent-pending way for Celebrities to create personal video greeting cards for their fans from the comfort of their own homes. This results in a level of intimacy that fans rarely get to see...

The entire Starshout system is "Celebrity-centric" - our job is to make it easy on the celebrity to do the work, whenever and wherever they feel like it.